I was born in Ranya, Kurdistan in 2009. My family moved from Kurdistan to the UK and since 2018 I have lived in Brighton. I live with my parents and two younger brothers. I also have older brothers and sisters who live in north England and Germany. I go to a local school in Brighton.

When I was nine years old I started after school children’s art classes at ‘Artroom Brighton’. I still go every week and really love it. Artroom Brighton is run by Seb Dewing and he is a great and fun  teacher.

I also paint, build and make things with Jan Allain at her house. Jan is a close friend of my family. She lives in my street and supports me with my art and education. Sometimes I work alone at home making things at my desk too. I love art. It’s very relaxing and fun.

I’m also interested in technology and music. I play trombone a bit and I’m learning to play guitar at school. I love computers and technology. I enjoy Forest School activities, especially cooking food on the fires. I like visiting Brighton Sea Life Brighton and museums.

I would like to sell my art and save up enough for a Macbook Pro laptop. With this I would learn to make online art and use GarageBand to create music. It would help me with my school learning.

Many of the art works are for sale and have been framed using recycled frames. If you would like to buy an artwork or make a donation click here

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