I made my first painting when I was nine years old. My painting ‘Jungle Ship’ was inspired by my uncle Azad’s painting ‘The Ship of Diversity’.

Jan held an exhibition of my uncle Azad’s works at her house in Brighton in 2019. Chris Greenwood, the founder and curator of ‘Red Line Art Works’ came to the exhibition.

Red Line Art Works focuses on global issues, global justice and global arts. Chris invited Azad to enter for the 2019 award. Azad’s picture ‘The Ship of Diversity’ won the ‘single art piece’ award 2019.

For the exhibition my family made Kurdish food for everyone, Azad gave a talk and and it was very inspiring. Neighbours and friends from Kurdistan came to see his work in Brighton and several paintings were sold.

When Azad returned to Kurdistan he was interviewed on Kurdish TV - that was fun!

My painting ‘Jungle Ship’ is a jungle, surviving on a ship. In the background, on land, there’s a volcano.

Winner of Red Line Art Works 2019.

Ship of Diversity

By Azad Hama Shekhany


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